Putting Yourself Before Your Successor


Faced with unique succession planning and transition challenges, Putting Yourself Before Your Successor helps large family business owners prepare themselves for a successful family business transition

Danielle Fracchia - Putting Yourself Before Your Successor

Putting Yourself Before Your Successor

Is there such a thing as a successful family business transition?
In Putting Yourself Before Your Successor, Danielle Fracchia contends yes, but only with adequate self-preparation. Written in a reflective yet direct style, Danielle offers practical strategies family business owners can adopt to prepare and position themselves before they step aside.

‘Family business succession is more difficult, complex, and lengthier than in other environments’, Danielle says. ‘The deep emotional investments into one’s business result in the process taking years, with owners rarely moving into equally satisfying roles.’

For a transition to be successful, two continuities need to be managed. The first is self-continuity. The second is organisational continuity. While consulting to family business owners, Danielle discovered that the success of a transition relies more on intangible factors, such as emotions and willingness to change, than tangible factors, such as plans and constitutions.

Putting Yourself Before Your Successor helps those to be succeeded immerse themselves in their succession planning process. It helps them to incrementally relinquish their current responsibilities and gracefully step aside into a new envisioned post-transition reality equipped with a definitive purpose and direction.

Addressed to large family business owners, Putting Yourself Before Your Successor reinforces that you are the only one who can lead your succession planning and transition process, and gives you the confidence to start today.

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Danielle Fracchia - Putting Yourself Before Your Successor

Putting Yourself
Before Your Successor


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About Danielle Fracchia

Fracchia & Co. Danielle Fracchia

Danielle Fracchia is Co-Founder of Fracchia & Co., a discreet marriage improvement and early-stage succession consultancy, and the author of Putting Yourself Before Your Successor: How to Prepare Yourself for a Successful Family Business Transition. Known for her holistic and objective approach, she helps select affluent parents and couples, and large family business owners across two dimensions. The first is marriage improvement. The second is early-stage succession planning.

Maintaining that success and diligence are inseparable, Danielle takes an unwavering yet practical approach to personal and professional development. Appreciating that time is finite and sacred, Danielle invests immense energy into all of her initiatives and relationships, including that with her partner and husband of twenty-one years.

Danielle believes family businesses are in a unique position to provide superior value to their families and greater society, yet face complex family relationship and succession planning and transition challenges. As such, she helps families address these challenges pragmatically to maximise their individual and collective impact.

More information about Danielle Fracchia is available on the Fracchia & Co. website.